Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Crazy around here as always.
Here are a few quotes to give you the flavour of what has been going on lately...
L has been talking more and more. Besides carrying around her purse and often wearing a necklace or hat around the house, she has learned the magic word.
Have you guessed it yet?
Yep, she says "shoes" all the time. She loves wearing her dress shoes around the house (or boots), reorganizing everyones shoes and even the classic stomping around in daddy's big shoes.
She has also taken to calling K "Booby" and I am not sure where that comes from, maybe sibling rivalry already? Oh, and at A's work party the other day I am pretty sure she said "I got da ball" when she picked up the boys ball. Crazy, but A and I have both been saying for the last 2 weeks that it sounds like she comes out with a sentence every once and a while. Tonight she went to bed asking over and over for Dada (who was at work) and then saying "Dada bye bye?" over and over. I felt so loved.
K is always a wild one... what has he been up to? Hmm. I have finally figured out some of his phrases this month. "Diana joes cription" is actually Indiana Jones Collection (as in LEGO) and he says that a lot. It was a mystery for quite a few weeks and my only option was to smile and nod, "mmhmm, yes sweetie" til finally it came to me. "docker Furdo" is also a term brought to you by It actually means Dr Inferno the bad guy in the secret agent game. I blame his pronunciation on that year when he couldn't hear (before he got the tubes in his ears). Ya that's it. It's definately not 'cause he's crazy. No, definitely not.
R has had some good ones this month. From "Mom, what hole did your babies come out?" to " I bet my Daddy could build an ark" he has been thinking deeply. He also discovered some very easy sudouko puzzles in one of his books. You guessed it he can do it. He is all logic that boy. Well, some silliness too. He is a 5 year old boy after all.
Did I mention he is figuring out who he will marry? First it was his friend's sister, then it was me. And K should marry Grammie. He has it all figured out alright.
Love my monkeys. Yes I do.


  1. I love your stories. Thanks for sharing Jess. How was the Halloween? Photos...anyway have a great holiday season with those little Monkeys...

  2. Oh R, you never fail to make me smile!